About Us

Whether you are hoping to revitalise a troublesome garden, bring life to an urban space, build a safe environment for your children or an immaculate sporting surface, Affordable Lawn Wholesalers have an artificial grass solution for almost every problem you can think of – and even some you might not!

Our beautiful artificial grass can work wonders both indoors and out. Not only can it transform homes, schools, courts and pitches, it can be used to create distinctive and eye-catching shop displays, unusual restaurant environments or even quirky office flooring.

Wherever you plan to use our Affordable Lawn Wholesalers artificial grass and imitation lawns, they will all share the same things in common: realistic looks, durability and low maintenance practicality. Take a look at some of the ways Affordable Lawn Wholesalers can brighten up your world



No Cutting, No Fertilising, No Watering – Just enjoy your synthetic lawn



An artificial lawn looks great all year round and feels realistic to touch



Artificial grass is more hygenic than normal grass, it’s also much safer for kids

Mud Free


Muddy lawns are a thing of the past with artificial grass year round usability