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If you need an artificial lawn in Adelaide that is affordable, safe and beautiful – Affordable Lawns is the best choice. We are suppliers and installers, so you can deal with only us for all your lawn needs. Our prices are cheap with no skipping on quality or service – we take pride in being the number one provider of artificial lawns in Adelaide.

Our artificial lawns are realistic looking, safe and easy to look after, so you can enjoy more time in the garden without the maintenance hassles. Mud free and hygienic, you can say goodbye to muddy footprints in the house and kids with messy clothes. Just kick back and relax on the best artificial lawn in Adelaide.

Artificial Grass Can Be Used Anywhere

Being wholesale suppliers and installers of affordable artificial grass, we have supplied our product for many different uses. It can be used indoors and out to revitalise a garden, vamp up a window display, transform a home, create an immaculate sporting surface or even be used as an unusual office flooring!

We Can Supply and Install

Affordable Lawns are a one stop shop for all your artificial grass needs. We will supply, install and advise on care of your new artificial lawn, so you don’t have to deal with a variety of companies.

All our team are highly trained and experienced in installing artificial lawns and are passionate about providing everyone with the lawn of their dreams. Once you have an artificial lawn, you will never go back to the stress and mess of a real one.

Call us today on 04 3088 7042 for more information.

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Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

  • Cheap, wholesale prices
  • Value for money
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Realistic looking
  • Hygienic and mud free
  • No cutting or fertilising
  • Beautiful all year round